These resources are essentially referral codes for the services I use regularly.

Zoomer Wireless:
Referral Code: VG0220598
If you use my referral code upon sign up and lock in for a 2-year term, you will receive a $50 bill credit and I will receive a $50 bill credit. You can also call and quote my referral code. I recently ported my number to Zoomer as I was starting to get limited with my 100 minutes a year, unlimited texting prepaid plan. Wifey and father-in-law are also signed up with Zoomer. After 6 months, you can sign up for their loyalty plans that provide unlimited calls and texts and a certain amount of data. No network issues so far and it runs on the Rogers network (it's actually a Rogers subsidiary, but they aren't allowed to advertise).
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QPass key: 886115816377714
If you use my QPass key when you sign up for a new account, I'll receive $25 and you can receive up to $250.
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Orange key: 40419853S1
If you use my Orange key when you sign up for a new account and deposit $250, I'll receive $50 and you'll receive $50.
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PC Insiders:
Promo Code: JL1865
Sign up for PC Insiders and get 25% off an annual subscription (25,000 points or $25 off, I'm not sure). I'll receive 10,000 points. It's pretty useful if you travel as you get a yearly $99 travel credit that off sets the cost of signing up. I signed up for free for a year, though. Though, I still took advantage of the travel credit as the mother-in-law flew back home for a bit. You also get 20% back in points for purchasing beauty products online at Shoppers Drug Mart. Some of those things never go on sale so 20% off is nice. You also get free shipping so you don't need to have a purchase minimum. I'm debating if I should renew next April as the travel credit pays for the subscription, but only if someone travels.
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Referral: Link
This is actually horrible. You join with my link, spend $25, you will earn $5 and I will earn $25(!?). I think it should be more evenly distributed. But whatever... not my program. Aside from that, you earn cashback for online shopping. If you were buying stuff anyway, why not earn extra cashback?
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Lending Loop:
Referral code: 453c57
You sign up and lend $1,500 and you earn $25 and I will earn $25. Frankly, I don't really use Lending Loop. I only started with $200 to see. So far, subtracting the defaulted loans, I've earned $15.82... after three years. That's basically a 2.57% rate of return. I suppose it's better than the interest rate banks offer... but still.


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