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Net Worth Update October 2018

Wow, 6 months have passed again and here we are with another 6 month update.

As I detailed in previous posts, we maxed out our registered accounts (TFSA, RRSP, & RESP). As a result, we started to pay down our mortgage more aggressively. In total, from April to October 2018, we have paid an extra $27,132.58 into the mortgage with a combination of lump sum and double-up payments. Overall, our mortgage dropped by $33,751.65 and our total remaining mortgage balanced dipped to under $250,000. Not a gigantic milestone, but it's nice to say that total debt is a quarter of a million dollars. Not as good as no debt, but we're making progress.

Aside from that, paying down out mortgage had the biggest impact on our net worth. Our net worth went up $56,422.58. Our house was a small portion of that. The rest of the money came from our investments. Investments did well after the dip in February. However, most of those gains were lost in the last two months. In addition to the mortgage …

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