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The Loonie Household is Selling the House?

Turns out wifey really doesn't like her new commute. Frankly, I don't blame her. Aside from the fast 15 minutes it takes to drive from our house to the off ramp on the 407, the rest of the 45 minute drive is a stressful, white knuckle drive through local roads where she goes head to head with the worst of Toronto's drivers.

The kicker is the bill. We received the first bill for her new 407 toll highway journey and it was just over $629!

Wow... that is much higher than my initial estimate of $500. Part of this is because my wife also switches up to go down the 400 (which actually further than where I thought she would get off) instead of the local roads. Either way, it's a lot of money just for the privilege of driving on this privately owned highway. This isn't including the gas which came out to under $200 for July or my $310 monthly fare for taking the GO Train downtown. Added up, our combined commuting expenses are a staggering $1,139! Yeesh...

In comparison, m…

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