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Reducing the (Financial) Stress in Your Life

One thing that always gets my ears to perk up is the topic of personal finances. I absolutely find it fascinating. However, because the topic is rather taboo, no one really talks about it in the open.

These days, we are spending more time with some neighbours as our kids "play" together after us parents go home from work and after eating dinner. From what I've heard, this family's (let's call them Sam and Diane) income is basically going to bills. Diane jokes from time to time that when they get paid, the money instead gets diverted to bills. Or when she picks up the mail, she jokes about what bills are in the community mail box. Although, she jokes about it, you can clearly see this stresses her out.

Aside the fact that our bills are delivered electronically, these interactions are a small window into the daily happenings of people who don't have a tidy sum saved up like yours truly.

Although, we're not financially independent yet, we don't sweat th…

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