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The Feeling of Coasting To FIRE

An odd thing has happened. Now that wifey and I have maxed our registered accounts, it feels like we're coasting to FIRE.

Of course, this couldn't be further from the truth. However, it doesn't make it feel less true.

Based on the April 30, 2018 update, we have currently attained 37.8% progress into FIRE (with $700,000 of financial assets as the target). Based on my calculations, assuming our portfolio returns 6% annually and we contribute the maximum allowed to our registered accounts, we're on track to retire in another 9 years. Of course, we haven't had a major stock market crash since 2008, so I expect we're due sometime.

Despite the expectation of a pending stock market crash, our investments are still silently earning distributions. We won't be able to contribute additional funds until 2019 and we still have a mortgage to pay down and that will take at least another 5 years.

So really, there's no shortage of happenings.

So why this feeling?

Some …

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