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Is Your Emergency Fund Big Enough?

February was an interesting month financially. Aside from eagerly awaiting the arrival of Wifey's T4 in the mail, our furnace broke down during the extreme cold temperatures we've been having.

We brought in an HVAC guy to take a look and was informed that our particular model of furnace has known problems. So much so, that the manufacturer was offering a rebate if you had this particular model and purchased a new furnace from them.

Considering we were in the middle of winter, not having a furnace wasn't an option. As a result, we asked the HVAC guy to replace our furnace.

On top of that, for a while now, Wifey and I have noticed we have a lack of hot water. This is especially true in the winter. Maybe an argument could be made that with 5 people in the house a 40 gallon hot water tank is insufficient. However, this hot water heater has been in our house for almost 14 years now and most likely, the capacity is much less than 40 gallons due to hard water deposits. This is s…

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