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New Job Opportunity for the Loonie IT Guy!

For the first time in nearly 8 years, I will be working at a different company. While I wasn't actively looking for a job, I did keep an eye open on new positions via email notifications and through a job app.
Over the past few years, I have gotten used to a certain routine of a relatively short commute. Driving to work takes up to 30 minutes if traffic isn't good. With no cars on the road, it only takes 21 minutes. The commute home in the afternoon is only 20-25 minutes.
As a result of this commute, I've been extremely picky about applying to the companies with open positions. Generally, I've only applied to companies located in Markham or in downtown Toronto. 
This particular company I'll be moving to is located in downtown Toronto so my commute with be at least one hour each way. Additionally, I will need to commute by train. As a result, each month will cost an additional $300. However, in terms of location, a downtown commute is pretty stress free as I just n…

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