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The Ridiculousness of Assigning Blame

As Baby Girl (BG) and her friend hang out more often, Wifey and I are getting some insight into our neighbours', whom I've givens the pseudonyms Sam and Diane in a previous post, seemingly strained relationship.
One thing I've noticed, Sam and Diane blame each other for many things.
I was speaking with Sam the other day as he brought his son over to play with BG. We were talking about the sleeping arrangement in each of our families as a result of the birth of our little ones. Sam blames Diane for wasting $400 on buying a crib they never used.
Seems the only way to get his son to sleep after they took him home from the hospital was to breastfeed him. That meant co-sleeping. As Sam feared rolling over their son in the middle of the night, he sleeps in the guest room. Over two years later, this sleeping arrangement continues.
I tried to point out that as first time parents, it was hard to predict how our little ones would sleep at night. For BG, as we didn't want to co-…

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