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The True Costs of Raising a Baby (30 month update)

Wow, it has now been 30 months since Baby Girl, BG, was born. Well, by this time it's actually closer to 32 months, but I've been very busy with the new job so blogging was put on hold. I have some time now, so why not update as much as I can. Let's summarize the 2 year update on costs.
$1,313.03 for diapers (cloth and disposables), inserts, and wipes$26.76 for vitamin d drops$217.74 for kitchenware$269.51 for clothing (Canada)$830.31 for bed and bedding (Canada)$283.72 for clothing and bedding (from China)$1430.99 for gear (strollers, car seats, playpen, etc.)$408.41 for health and safety$746.66 for toys and books$503.36 for experiencesGrand total: $6,030.49

Looking back at all the expenses, nothing jumps out as a big money purchase. We did purchase BG a tablet. Mainly because the old iPad 2 we have is on its last legs. That and if we share our phone with BG, she'd be accustomed to taking our phone to watch her videos. This way, in theory, we can control when she watch…

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