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Are you Budgeting Home Maintenance Costs?

I'll be the first to admit my budgets aren't that great. Sure, we've gone through each and every line of spending we've done and kept a yearly record of those expenses. We've kept track of the amount of income we bring in. However, what it doesn't factor in, though, is the cost to maintain the house.

You see, home ownership isn't just paying the mortgage and property taxes. As your house ages, things start to break down or wear out. Windows start to crack or lose their seal, appliances start to make unexpected noises, and essentials like furnaces and hot water tanks cease to work or barely function.

So really, I'm talking about those big one time expenses that seem to crop up when you least expect it.

For our house, we've recently encountered a couple problems simultaneously. A couple weeks back, our furnace stopped working (in the middle of an extreme cold weather alert, no less) and the amount of hot water available has noticeably decreased (signa…

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