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Whoops! I Forgot. Most People Are Terrible With Money

Wifey was getting ready to get back to work as her 1 year maternity leave was set to finish today. Since, it's been so long, we had a hard time determining the location of her lunch container. We searched the cabinets in the kitchen with no luck. I, however, managed to dig out something far more interesting. Behind one of the cabinets, was an old phone bill from one of the previous owner's of our little semi-detached house.

I reached in and dug it out. Surprisingly, the bill wasn't too dusty. I looked at the first page and was surprised.

You see, after 3 years of cutting expenses and running a fairly efficient household, I forget how bad people are with their money.

In this case, the total owing on the phone bill was $538.35!

Okay, it looks bad. Maybe it was just a busy time at work. It appears this phone bill is for a work plan.

As I scanned the lines in detail, I noticed that the current's months charges were $333.87 and the previous phone bill was actually $304.48.…

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