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Getting Over The Holiday Spending Hangover

The holiday season isn't good for people's finances. Not even in the Loonie household. I'll be the first to admit that we did our fair share of holiday spending. I tallied things up and it's not pretty. Twelve hundred dollars! Oh my!

It's not all bad news, though. The difference between us and most other households is that we have the cash to pay off this unexpected balance (up to, and possibly exceeding, 20%!).
Sure, this money would be better off in our investment accounts or to pay down our mortgage balance (now that people are expecting another interest rake hike next week).
However, it's better than having to carry this balance well into the new year paying stupid amounts of interest.
So what exactly did we purchase? Well, as our daughter just turned one and it was her first Christmas (where she's mobile and not just lying where you leave her), we got her a decent amount of toys to last her years (or less).

What else did we get? Well, we also picked u…

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