Boxing Day Deals

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

The holiday season just went by really quickly.

Every Christmas, wifey and I visit my grandmother's house. She hosts the festivities every Christmas. Technically, it's hosted at an uncle's house, but she lives there. Anyway, with so many aunts, uncles, and cousins, the gathering is quite hectic and crowded.

Now as the cousins and growing up, some are bring their significant others. In addition to long term relationships, there were a few new ones there as well. Of course, with so many people there not knowing each other, the conversation naturally turned to Boxing Day shopping...

"Are you going out tomorrow to get the deals?"

"You have any Boxing Day plans?"

To those who don't know, Boxing Day Shopping used to be on par with the US Black Friday Shopping. I say used to because a few years ago, Black Friday migrated north. Don't ask me why considering we don't have Thanksgiving the same time as our neighbours to the south.

Anyway, as wifey and I have never gone out on Boxing Day together, I answered anyone who posed the question with a simple no. I'm not really a conversationalist, so that short (and very abrupt) answer generally ends the conversation and I'm free to do something else. However, I received a follow up question: Why not?

I thought about that question. In my mind, I formulated many different answers. I considered relaying my desire to not spend money, but didn't want to invite further questioning. I looked at the angle of difficulty finding parking, but for the inclined, a parking spot can be had if you leave early enough. I thought about a previous Boxing Day when I waited in line outside a Best Buy at 5am and was thoroughly frozen by the time I found myself in the store*. However, with the mild temperatures we were having this winter, that answer wouldn't fly. Finally, I just told my interrogator that I just didn't need anything. This brought on a baffled look, and I took the momentary pause and excused myself from the conversation.

Upon reflection, it dawned on me that perhaps my answer was confusing because to many others, there is always something new to buy or something old to upgrade. This is especially true if a deal can be had.

I haven't touched my PS3 in over a year. Do I really need to buy $20 games marked down from $60?

Our household has a total of three televisions. With the in-laws back home, wifey and I are only making use of two of them. Do we really need a 4th one even if it's $170 for a 42"?

Now that wifey is using her Nexus 5 for everything, she's not using her iPad as much as she used to. Do I really need to spend $299 for a new tablet when I could just use hers?

In short, I don't need anything. Hence, there's no reason for me to buy anything.

Of course, even though we didn't go out, wifey did make the rounds online looking for boxing day deals. Fortunately for me, the "deals" to be had were no better than the deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Happy new year everyone!

*Totally worth it as I got a PS2, a home theatre system for $200, and picked up a Shania Twain CD for my sister for $10. This was the first time I went boxing day shopping. I believe it was 2002 as I picked up an NHL game for the PS2 as well. Jarome Igninla was on the cover, so it was NHL 2003.


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