Signing Up For Free Baby Samples

Last Friday, we received a package in the mail. Seeing as I didn't order anything, I wondered if maybe the post office delivered the pick up key in the wrong slot.

The package was addressed to wifey so I turned to her and asked if she ordered anything.

She couldn't recall, so I looked at the sender's name. Turns out it was Nestle.

Well, that's great! That means some of the free samples we ordered for baby have arrived*.

In this package, we received a diaper bag, a changing mat, two cans of newborn formula, a sample package of newborn diapers, samples of body wash and lotion, and a baby bottle.


Since we're about 3 weeks away, this was a nice surprise. Along with the free coupon (turned baby tub) we received from Similac, this is the second free goody to arrive.

As we were looking to cloth diaper our baby, the newborn diapers will be especially helpful if the baby is still a little on the small side for them to fit properly.

The diaper bag and changing mat will be used. I don't know how. Maybe we'll use it when (if) we go out. Maybe we'll use it around the house when we're changing baby. Not sure. Should be useful nonetheless.

As we're likely to breastfeed the baby, we may end up donating the formula to the same charity we picked up the baby tub.

The bottle is small. But that should be perfect in the event wifey needs to express some milk into a container if she's feeling full and baby isn't giving us feeding cues. This way, I can help feed the baby too. We've bought other bottles already. However, those bottles are big and most likely, we'll be using those as the baby gets bigger.

So what other samples should wifey and I be expecting? I'm not sure. I think there should be one for newborn diapers. There may be another baby formula. There's also a couple of samples offered by stores like Shoppers Drug Mart (the VIB program).

So why are companies giving out samples?

That's easy. To hook you early. Obviously.

If you have formula on hand and breastfeeding doesn't work or hurts at the beginning, more likely you're to abandon breastfeeding and go for formula. Once that happens and baby is feeding, it's likely you'll stick with the same brand as baby is eating and you're relieved.

If you're diapering baby and you use the samples you received in the mail and it keeps all the poop and pee contained? Well, you'll be happy to stick with that brand as you know it works and you're not as certain about the other brands**.

A lot of times, these baby companies will be more than happy to give you samples if you email or call them. As I haven't had too much time to investigate these options, I haven't signed up for that many samples.***

Worst case scenario, they say no. In which case, you can say no to buying their stuff.

Either way, there are companies giving away free baby samples. Just need to scour Google to find them.

*If you're having a baby soon, register with Nestle here:

**From what I read, pooplosions occur regardless of brand... so yeah... not looking forward to that.

***I did sign up for a free baby spoon from a cereal company in Quebec. Milupa, I believe.

UPDATE: As we didn't end up using the baby formula we received for free (baby girl has been exclusively breastfed thus far), we gave the extra formula to the local food bank.


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