Net Worth Update April 2019

Net worth update as of April 30, 2019

Yet another 6 month update. I've been pretty busy this last month with changing jobs and my commute being longer. As I want to make a good impression, I am not doing much of my blog typing at work and instead will have to make time at home to continue these blog posts. At least for now.

In November, I started to save money for the new year for contributing to the RESP, TFSA, and RRSP. We managed to max out the RESP and by the end of March the TFSA was maxed.

We received hefty tax returns in March which mostly went into our RRSPs. Our RRSPs were halfway maxed when Wifey and I both had job opportunities to explore. As I wasn't sure what the situation was with the RRSP contributions at our potential new workplaces, I didn't want to max out the RRSPs quite yet. Wifey is still going through the interview process and if she does leave her current company, will need to hefty pay increase to do so. Her friend (who is trying to recruit Wifey) says it wouldn't be a problem, but we'll see the offer later. If it comes. In the meantime, I received a formal offer in April that detailed the RRSP contributions and match provided. However, I wouldn't be eligible until after one full year of service. Which is fine. As a result, I added more money into the RRSP. I should have this account maxed by the end of May 2019.

These last six months our net worth went up over $76,000! Wow. Although, stock markets did poorly to end 2018, they started on an incredible run beginning January 2019. Our stock portfolio went up almost 10% for the first four months of 2019 alone. That's just incredible. 

Additionally, we've slowed down paying the mortgage as currently, we're only doing double up payments while we're waiting for the expenses to stabilize and certain rebates *cough* *Enbridge* *cough* to come in. The new job with higher income should help as well. Our mortgage did drop by almost $19,000 in the last 6 months. It definitely could be better, but we're not in a worse position, so that's fine.

The following is a summary of the numbers for the April 2019 update:

  • Net worth: $719,095.11 (+$76,195.79)
  • Total Assets: $948,859.61 (+$57,340.53)
  • Estimated House Value: $556,000.81 (+$5,527.72)
  • All Financials: $392,858.80 (+$51,812.81)
  • Cash/Investments: $308,756.90 (+$35,040.81)
  • RESP/Pensions: $84,101.90 (+$16,772.00)
  • Remaining Mortgage: $229,764.50 (-$18,855.26)


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