Coolest Summer On Record

If only everyday was like today.
There was an interesting news story on the radio this morning.

Seems in the history of Toronto recording daily temperatures (76 years), there has never been a July and August without a day of being over 30°C. At least until this year. With more than half of August gone, we haven't had a smog advisory, an extreme heat warning, or an extended heat wave, or a humidex reading that pushed us into 40°C territory.

This morning was a cool 14°C when I stepped outside.

So why do people in my area still have their air conditioners on?

This morning, I heard the distinct sound of an air conditioner turning on as I was heading to my garage. How low do you have your thermostat set in order for the air conditioner to turn on in 14°C temperatures?

How many sweaters are you and your family wearing at home? Turn off the air conditioner, ditch the sweater, and open your windows!

It's been so cool at night, the leaves have started to change colours. This is normally something that happens at the end of September to early October. However, now it is occurring in mid-August. The Canada Geese are already migrating south in their distinctive flying "V" pattern. With the temperatures we've been having, they probably think it's autumn. I don't blame them. It really feels like autumn.

This summer has been perfect temperature-wise as far as I'm concerned. Not only is it very comfortable taking walks and riding bikes, but it is also very agreeable with the wallet. After the winter we had, a little break from paying for the electricity the air conditioner consumes should be welcomed by everyone.

Besides, with the temperatures we've been having, could you imagine the temperatures we'll get when autumn officially arrives on September 22nd?

We'll likely need to start the furnaces earlier this year. All the more reason to keep the air conditioners off.


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